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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  December 30, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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you're watching the station that works for you, now, abc # news 569:30. they spent sunday in session. now in church but your prayersfor a solution to the fiscal cliff have not been answered. the latest on the last-minute wrangling. a holiday trip turns care scry -- scarey for two 12-year-old boys. how they ended up knee deep in the swamp. how kids can use their smart phone but a mom typed up a 18 point contract for her kid. over the top or something you should try? but first we begin tonight with the winds that camewhipping through the area but are they going to stick around. we had the know. mike masco is here with the answer. what about the wind and cold.
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will we see it for a wild. >> the wind no the cold yes. that means bundle up. look at the shot downtown. dry and clear and 40 in the city. outlying areas into the 30s. eldersburg is close to the freezing mark many into the 20s going into tonight. the hour by hour forecast through the night. cold and 26 degrees. we wake up to 24 and pretty cold conditions. a little wind chill with a breeze that will come in. and then for tomorrow afternoon around lunchtime clouds build going for 38 degrees for your afternoon high. take a look at maryland's most power fall few cloud to the north and west. but a system in texas we have to keep ion on. we will talk about that coming up in a little bit. joce. >> thanks. cliff hanger continues in washington tonight. democrats and republicans still wrangeling over left lation to avert the so-called fiscal clf tax increase and budget cuts set to go into effect january 1st. we have a report there's no
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sign of a deal yet. >> reporter: as senators convened in a rare sunday session, they heard this prayer from the senate chaplain. >> look with favor on our nation and save us from self- inflicted wounds. >> reporter: the clock is ticking towards the new year's eve midnight hour when tax hikes and budget cuts swoop down from the fiscal cliff. the two senate leaders harry reid and mitch mcconnell are work on a stopgap bill. >> at some point, the negotiating process, it appears that there are things that stop us from moving forward. i hope we are not there but we are getting close. >> i want everyone to know i am willing to get this done. but i need a dance partner. >> reporter: the legislation would prevent a tax increase for reveille 98% of the -- for roughly 98% of workers extend unemployment benefits and prevent a huge cut in payments
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to medicare doctors. >> we should introduce legislation that would make sure middle class taxes stay where they are and there should an up or down vote. >> reporter: if they reach a deal it won't pass congress necessarily by monday night. if it doesn't every body income tax also go up. average family would pay an extra $3446 more in 2013. and farm programs would expire. potentially doubling the price of milk. and if congress doesn't pass a new bill. >> we will come back with a new congress in january 4th and the first bill that will be introduced will be class families. >> reporter: the bargaining continues tonight. abc news, new york. >> for more on the fiscal cliff we have you covered. go to head to the home page slide show for breakdown of what difference scenarios in -- difficulty scenarios in washington -differ scenarios in
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washingtoncould different scenarios could mean in washington. look at the flames shooting from this house. investigators say a 4-year-old saw the fire and told his grandmother because his parents were not home. man inside tried to put it out- - -- a man inside tried to put piet out but the flames were too intense. no one was injured but the fire caused more than $100,000 worth of damage to the house. a 33-year-old man was shot in the head overnight in north west baltimore. police were called to the 5300 block of cord -- kordellia avenue did -- cor deli-a. dough- - cordelia if you have any information on this case, contact baltimore city police at 410-396-2466. a 15-year-old boy was shot during a robbery in baltimore county last night. it happened around 9 near the corner of windsor mill road and
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meadowview drive. police came to the scene and found the boy bleeding with a gunshot wound to his chest. he has been released from the hospital. the victim told police two men wearing dark clothes robbed and shot him. officers searched the area and didn't find any of the suspects. the killing of a man who was pushed in front of a new york city subway train is called a hate crime. police say the suspect told them she hated muslims since 9/11 and thought the victim was muslim. erica menden ease has been charged with murder -- menendez has been charged in the death. the man who was hindu was crushed by a train on thursday night. he is the second man to be died after being pushed in front of a subway in new york. a family in florida got awakeup that sent them scrambling for cover. a car came barreling into the
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bedroom at 5:30 in the morning. it started a fire which damaged the home. the homeowner ended up with cuts and scrapes and the driver of the car was airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries. police are looking into what led the driver to lose control of the car. a bit of christmas day fun on the ice turns tragic as several people fall into the freezing water and it's captured on tape. this video is from california. it was posted to youtube. after one person falls through, there are others rushing in to save them and fall through themselves. everybody was able to get out or was rescued but experts say this video a classic case of whatnot to do. they say the safest solution is to throw something out to them never go on to the ice yourself. two boys are trapped in a swamp and a cell phone helps to save them. we have the story of that rescue. >> reporter: strapped to a stretcher. wrapped tightly inside a survival suit, 12-year-old jake
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waterman and best friend drew will easily have the best what i did over christmas break story in their school. it started harmlessly enough an afternoon hike around property behind drew's house. >> i dragged him into it. we decided to go and see if we could find the end. we went deep out in the swamp and there's a lot of water out there. >> reporter: as they meandered, the temperature dropped and the sun began to set and the boys suddenly realized they had no idea where they were. the only hope jake's cell phone. >> called my brother and he thought i was kidding around and thought i was dumb because i couldn't -- i couldn't find my way home. >> reporter: far from the warm glow of the home they fell into the water frozen shoes too painful to keep on. >> our feet were freezing and every time we stepped on themthey hurt. >> it's two shirts and i took off one and wrapped it around jake's feet. >> reporter: the boys were
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pushed to call drew's mom for help. >> we can't want -- want to call me -- we didn't want to call my mom because we figured we would get in trouble. >> reporter: she immediately called police. >> we activated sirens to see if they could hear it. they did hear it but we knew they were a distance off. >> reporter: they used the cell phone to play a high takes game of hot and cold with state police hovering in a helicopter. >> he played this game where he shined the light every time he got closer to us we would say hotter and if he got -- if he was moving further away we would say colder. >> reporter: from there police on the ground finally located the boys and pulled them from their nightmare. they were give the all clear from a hospital -- they were given the all clear where parents had been praying for a happy ending. >> it's the holiday season and having them home is the best gift. >> my brother is going to give me a survival lesson e doesn't know more than -- but trust me e. doesn't know more than i do. >> safe kids. smart phones filling
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holiday stockings this year. but how do you set the ground rules if your kid got one? a mom made her son sign a 18- point contract. the guidelines you might want to steal. snow and rain and freezing rain makes traveling a hassle. we have show you apps to ease the headaches. >> we are at 36 degrees in town. pretty chilly night overall but there's a storm gathering over texas. will that impact on new year's eve? the answer is coming up.
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you gabe your cade new i -- gave your kid a new iphone but did you outlint rules how they could use it? a whom did in a 18-point contract. is she onto something? here's the details on how this lady is i parenting. >> number one it's my phone and i bought it and i paid for it. >> no porn. >> i am know the password. >> reporter: not exing atly the christmas list you expect --
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exactly the christmas list you expect for a 13-year-old. >> an 18-point contractually the weared dos and don'ts. >> don't take a zillion pictures and videos. >> reporter: histic to new iphone. >> my first reaction was -- his ticket to a new iphone. >> my first reaction was why did she do this. >> i wanted to show him to be a responsible user of technology without abusing it without becoming addicted. >> reporter: her message struck a cord with parents worried about the increasing use of smart phones. more than 50 million iphones are projected to sell this holiday season alone. many to teens just like greg. teen behavior expert says a set of rules is a must for teen iphone use. >> you wouldn't give your kid a car without insurance and so, giving them a cell phone or a computer without teaching them how to use it responsibly is irresponsible on the part of the parent. >> reporter: among the 18
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conditions, number 7. >> do not involve yourself in conversations that are hurtful to others. >> reporter: and number 12 a lesson some celebrities could use this year. take note rihanna. >> don't send or receive pictures your private parts or anyone else. >> reporter: she iser inous about -- she is -- he is nervous about rule number 6 that he is responsible for replacement cost a legitimate concern since this's 1600 apple gadgets stoleen in new york and if he does lose his phone. >> hopefully, i will just make up a good excuse or. >> reporter: there are valuable lessons here for adults, too. >> keep your eyes up see the world stare at window take a walk talk to a stranger wonder without googling. >> and now maryland's most accurate forecast. >> we will take you out to the weather bug cameras.
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look at frost berk. some snow. you had to go way towards the north and west and a nice look -- frostberg. some snow. towed go towards the north and west and a -- you had to go towards the north and west and a nice look at snow. chilly and gusty wind in mount airy gusting close to 40 . here at the bwi airportstatistics, 36 degrees. gendy wuft is -- gusty wind is carting to relax. so -- is starting to relax. most spots are into the 30s. monkton along 83, manchester is at 33. those temperatures will betrimmed down during the course of tonight. so still a northwesterly wind across the area between 5 to 10 east and gusty wind at 21 sustained and that's making the real feel temperatures feeling like it's in the middle 20s in locations. outside the beltway could feel like it's into the teens for tonight. it's a frigid feel north overnight. new year's leave looks fine. mostly cloudy skies. and then man is it going to get
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cold. act he can attack moves in -- arctic attack moves in next weeks drove the temperatures -- dropping the temperatures into the 70s. mortgage north a west -- north and west dealing with clouds back closer to home. our planner reflects clear skies at 32. now at 11, we are back on at abc2 news at 26 degrees and a chilly wakeup at -- chilly wakeup at 24. around 38 at lunchtime. notice the clouds building during the course of the day. maryland's most fourful, clear overnight -- powerful clearovernight. there's the storm pulling that brought the winds today. the further to the north the less of a wind effect into the evening hours and tomorrow. notice the clouds gathering rather benign system over texas. that won't bring the clouds in as early as noof -- will bring the clouds in as early as tomorrow afternoon. the storms will be to the south of the area. lexington, 27 degrees. 31 chicago. and not bad in terms of cold,
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but how about real cold. true cold up towards the canadian border towards fort chippawanan. there's the cold air into the mid section of the nation and maryland going into this week. arctic blast will arrive by thursday and give us wicked cold temperatures as we head into thursday and friday. this is our future trend. by 2 tomorrow afternoon mostly cloudy skies into tomorrow night and a storm will be around. but further south to the region, south over southern maryland a. we go -- as we go into new years eve. 25 glen burnie. 24 towards shadyside. 26 and you get the deal. it will be chilly across the area. 25 degrees mainly cloudy skies. very cold and for tomorrow 2 degree guarantee to the 43 mark but 30s outlying areas. and the forecast into new years eve you were waiting for that.
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32 degrees mostly cloudy skies. dry and it will be a chilly new year's eve. here's seven-day forecast. new year's day a. spot shower or even a snowflake. doesn't lock like a big deal and we are into the 30s by wednesday and look at. this arctic blast by thursday and friday. and 34 theo night lows into the -- the overnight lows into the teens. it will be really cold. you will feel that by the end of the week.  >> i am going to be tucked in at home. >> with a snuggie. >> with your slippers and we will be all set even if it's cold outside. >> it will be brutally cold. be safe and i will update the numbers at 11. >> you going to new york. >> right here working. >> that's where we live eye are -- like it where you can't get into trouble. tomorrow night new year's eve fireworks is a highlight of the holiday. most people in baltimore look forward to the fireworks lighting up sky over the inner harbor. we caught up with crews as they set up thisior's display. -- this year's display. fyke. fire worst can be seen from
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fells. fells point -- fells point and the other places. we made a resolution to abandon it a week or two into january. resolutions can be hard to keep but don't have to be. key is to pick something reasonable. choose a goal of exercising more. don't vow to run a marathon. and if the change is too uncomfortable you will have a lower chance of success. >> we have to select something that is small enough to make a difference but not so big that it's going to crush us. we have to become dedicated to it with a man and have awillingness to -- a willingness to experience uncomfort. >> if you are trying to improve your diet, experts say take in about 1 00 fewer calories each daych the best way to meet the goal is to start small. wintery weather across the country making travel a hassle. coming up on abc2 news at 6:30, weather wenter travel delays and cancellations.
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as we learn this week mother nature loves to mess with your travel plans. all it takes is a little snow to throw a wrench in plans from coast to coast. abc2 news karin caifa has apps to make winter travel smoother. >> reporter: frozeen runways and mounting snow. -- frozen runways and mounting snow. it takes a snowstorm in one part of the country to triple -- to effect delays and cancellations. smart phones can't dial up mother nature but can make travel interruption more tolerable. apps like gate guru for apple and android and travel nerd help to navigate unfamiliar airports for essentials. gate guru maps out food coffee and shopping closeetest to yourgate and has trips and reviews. travel nerd has similar information about dozens of airports and an overview of ground transportation to and from the airport in case weather keeps you grounded. it's a flight -- if a
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flightdelay or cancellation amounts to a overnight stay the hotel tonight app helps with last-minute plans with deeply discounted same day or night bookings be a a -- in a dozen major cities. for those on the ground making an airport pickup don't get stuck circling the airport while a delayed traveler is in the sky. just land apps for iphone tracks flights and based on location tales driver when to leave for the airport to ensure an on time pickup. you are now clicked in. i am karin caifa. there's much more ahead on abc2 news at 6:30. we will be right back.
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we will give you a final look of the forecast. we will be into the 30s and 20s back on at abc2 news at 11 and it's killie wakeup. -- killie wakeup. 24 and 38 be a -- chilly wakeup. 24 to 38. an arctic blast by the end of the week but no snow or rain. >> we love to hear that for new
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years's thanks and that's it for abc2 news at 6. thanks for joining us. see you at 11. have a great night.
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